Published by Planeta Tangerina, 2022.

Selected for the Illustrator Exhibition, Bologna Children's Book Fair, 2023.







In a cold and distant country, two men argue.
They’ve been arguing for so long, they can’t remember why it started in the first place.
Having given up on finding a real solution, to settle it for once and for all they decide to fight a duel.
Back to back, as in all duels, each man begins counting one hundred steps before turning around to shoot.
1, 2, 3, 4… There they go, moving apart.

We follow one of them, but at some point we ask ourselves: where will he end up?

A book about fights, conflicts, wars, but mostly about peace.

This book was created as part of the European Union’s “Every Story Matters” project, which aims to stimulate the publication of books promoting inclusion. 




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