Bartlebyana ilustrada

Oil, graphite, dry pastel, felt pens, collage
This serie of 12 drawings was inspired by texts from the book Bartlebyana (Mariano Alejandro Ribeiro, 2020), which presents us with fictional biographies from famous (and not so famous) writers, exploring literature limits and literary heritage. The drawings are themselves new readings of these authors, revolving around Bartlebyana's texts and my own relation with the writers and books.
 All the drawings, alongside with the texts, were exposed at Casa André Pilarte, Tavira, during the summer of 2021.
                                                                           A. Rimbaud learns to deal with success
                                                                                          Secret Diary of E. Canetti 
                                                                                                     A W. Benjamin under the mortuary mask

                                  Compendium of V. Woolf’s misfortunes, according to biographers and experts

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